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Review Reverend Mercalli 5 FM Trans Wine Red - 57234

Reverend Mercalli 5 FM Trans Wine Red - 57234

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Introducing the Reverend Mercalli 5 FM: A Bass That Strikes the Perfect Balance

The Reverend Mercalli 5 FM delivers the deep, vintage warmth you crave while maintaining clarity and punch. Designed with a five-piece neck, lock down bridge, and innovative passive pickups, this bass is ready to shake the ground beneath your feet.

Experience the powerful sound of the Thick Brick 5 bridge and Split Brick 5 neck pickups, designed to deliver strong fundamental notes on the low B string with incredible sustain. The Mercalli 5 FM is perfect for musicians seeking a versatile bass that can handle various genres and styles, from soulful grooves to hard-hitting rock.

Discover the outstanding specs of the Reverend Mercalli 5 FM and elevate your bass playing to new heights:

• Korina Solidbody

• Thick Brick 5 Bridge Pickup

• Split Brick 5 Neck Pickup

• String-thru-body or Top-load Bridge with 3/4" spacing

• 5-Piece Maple/Walnut Neck with Satin Amber Finish

• 34" Scale

• Medium Oval Neck Profile

• Roasted Maple or Rosewood Fingerboard with 12" Radius

• 21 Frets - 0.110"W x 0.050"H

• Dual Action Truss Rod - Headstock Access

• Hipshot Ultralight Tuners with 1/2" Dia. Shaft

• 47mm Width Boneite Nut

• Volume, Tone, Pickup Pan Controls

• 45-125 Strings

Reverend's custom pickups provide a perfect tonal match for the Mercalli 5 FM, while the five-piece roasted maple neck ensures stability and a beautiful vintage look. With a Korina body and thin finish, you'll enjoy a more resonant and lively tone that rivals basses at a much higher price point.

The Mercalli 5 FM offers a range of premium features like Hipshot Ultralight tuners, a high mass bridge, and the innovative pickup pan control for easy blending of both pickups. Make a statement on stage with this beautifully crafted bass that delivers exceptional sound quality and playability.

Don't miss the opportunity to own a bass that combines vintage warmth with modern clarity – the Reverend Mercalli 5 FM.