B's Music Shop: Guitar Repair and Maintenance Services

At B's Music Shop, our skilled technicians are at your service, offering a wide array of repair and maintenance solutions to keep your instruments in prime condition. Here are our labor rates:

Basic Services

  • Estimate/Bench Fee/Strap Button/Single String Replacement: $10
  • Restring (Tier 1): $25 (excluding string costs)
  • Setup/Restring (Tier 2): $60 (excluding string costs)
  • Floyd Rose/Classical Setup/Restring: $80 (excluding string costs)
  • Classical Restring: $60
  • Uke and 12-string Restring: $40
  • Tuner Install: $25 (basic, no modifications required), $50 (if modifications are needed)

Rush Services

  • Rush Fee: Half the cost of the basic service, with a minimum charge of $20. Instruments will be ready when the shop opens the following day at the latest. (Must be dropped off 2 hours before close of that day.)

Orchestral Instruments

  • Violin and Viola Restring: (includes cleaning and light setup): $60.
  • Cello and Upright Bass: Please consult for a quote. A minimum fee of $60 applies.
  • Soundpost Install: $40.

Electronics Work

  • Minor Electronics: (input jack, pot install, minor wiring): $20 per issue plus the cost of parts.
  • Pickup Install: $30 for 1, $50 for 2, $60 for 3. This offer only applies when the pickups are installed into the same guitar at the same time. Fee covers the pickup installation and wiring only. Additional setup/restring or other work will be extra.
  • Full Rewire: Begins at $100. Additional quote may be required.
  • Acoustic Pickup Install: Begins at $70. The final price may vary based on complexity.

Drum Services

  • Drum Head Replacement: $20 for batter and resonant heads, $30 for snare side heads.

Additional Services

Fret Edge Filing: Starts at $60.

Appraisal: $20.

Nut and Saddle Replacement: Begins at $100.

Please note that any repair work priced at $200 or more will require a 50% deposit before commencement of work.

Cleaning Fee:

Instruments that require cleaning before any work can commence will be assessed a cleaning fee. Some instruments may be particularly dirty and necessitate additional cleaning fees. These will be assessed at the time of service. Starting fee: $20

Note: Any repair work priced at $200 or more will require a 50% deposit before work begins. For any gluing work, kindly consult with our staff.

Things we don't fix:

We do not repair autoharps, harps or hammered dulcimers.

We do not fix amplifiers, keyboards, pedals, keyboards or other electronic gear.