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Summer School Electronics Trash Panda

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Introducing the Trash Panda, a testament to creativity and resilience from Summer School Electronics. In an era of supply chain disruptions and component shortages, the Trash Panda thrives. Crafted from spare parts and assembled with innovation, this pedal is as versatile as it is distinctive, capable of delivering tones for anything from country strums to hard-rock riffs.

The Trash Panda is a high-gain, soft-clipping overdrive/distortion unit with a broad-range tone control. It is designed to finely adjust your sound profile, either rolling off the piercing high end or clearing out the muddiness to let your guitar's true character shine through. This pedal has been meticulously designed to fulfill the requirements of various genres and playing styles.

Operating on a standard 9-volt, negative center power supply, the Trash Panda ensures uninterrupted performance and comes with a lifetime warranty. As with all Summer School Electronics products, the Trash Panda is hand-built in Syracuse, NY by seasoned musicians, ensuring attention to detail and a quality finish.