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Summer School Electronics Science Fair

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Introducing the Science Fair, a unique overdrive/distortion pedal by Summer School Electronics. This pedal offers an exciting blend of two classic overdrive tones, resulting in a sound that's uniquely yours.

The Science Fair splits into two sides, each with distinct characteristics. On the left, with black knobs, the 'Lab Rat' offers hard-clipping distortion for a crispy and biting tone. On the right, the 'Test Tube' featuring green knobs, presents a softer, mid-range overdrive with a noticeable mid-hump boost, perfect for a warm and rounded tone.

Both sides operate in parallel, each equipped with individual drive and tone knobs for meticulous control over your sound. At the center, a master blend and volume control in a sleek silver column allow you to seamlessly combine these distinct tones.

By adjusting the blend, you can tap into the unique versions of these classic circuits that Summer School Electronics has refined. However, the true power of the Science Fair emerges when you begin blending the two sides, tuning the individual drive and tone knobs. You can achieve an aggressive distortion while retaining note clarity, or a softer attack with just enough grit to cut through the mix.

The Science Fair runs on a standard 9-volt, negative center power supply and includes a lifetime warranty. Built by working musicians in Syracuse, NY, it promises reliability and versatile tonal options for both live performances and recording sessions.