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Review Summer School Electronics B's Music Shop Science Fur / Fair - Custom Green

Summer School Electronics B's Music Shop Science Fur / Fair - Custom Green

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The Science Fur Pedal by Summer School Electronics, Exclusive Custom Green Apple Sparkle: Only at B's Music Shop

Dive into the sonic realm with the renowned Science Fair Pedal, but with a twist exclusive to B's Music Shop. Introducing the Science Fur – the same beloved overdrive/distortion pedal, now adorned with a custom Green Apple Sparkle Colorway and our signature graphic of Dangercat, our charismatic mascot, delving into the world of science.

While the core mechanics and sound of the Science Fair are universally acclaimed, the Science Fur offers an aesthetic edge that sets it apart. It's not just a pedal; it's a statement, a testament to individuality and exclusivity.

On the left, with its sleek black knobs, is the Lab Rat - delivering hard-clipping, crispy distortion. To the right, with vibrant green knobs, meet the Test Tube - a soft clipping mid-range overdrive with a distinctive mid-hump boost. Operating in parallel, each side has dedicated drive and tone knobs, while the central silver column ensures perfect mastery over blend and volume.

Whether you're crafting a sound that's fiercely distorted yet clear or seeking a softer attack with a sprinkle of grit, the Science Fur is your canvas. Beyond its sonic prowess, its unique design ensures you stand out, be it on stage or in the studio.

Exclusive Features:

  • Custom Graphic: Dangercat in a scientific setting, unique to B's Music Shop.
  • Exclusive Color: Mesmerizing Green Apple Sparkle Colorway.

Core Specs:

  • Type: Overdrive/Distortion
  • Lab Rat: Hard-clipping crispy distortion (Black Knobs)
  • Test Tube: Soft clipping mid-range overdrive with mid-hump boost (Green Knobs)
  • Blend & Volume: Central silver knob column
  • Power: Standard 9-volt, negative center power supply
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Origin: Handcrafted in Syracuse, NY