Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo - Tape echo effect pedal

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Three different types of tape machines to choose from - Fixed Head, Multi Head, and Single Head- each with its own unique characteristics. Each tape head setting has three different modes as well. You can dial anything in from a gentle, swirl to a washy, fluttering gnarliness. Each of the five knobs have a primary function - Time, Mix, Tape Age, Repeats, and Wow & Flutter - and also have a secondary function - Spring Reverb, a Boost/Cut, Low End Contour, Tape Bias, and Tape Crinkle. Getting that exact sound you want is easy with the extensive parameter shaping ability of the El Capistan. A single 1/4" input and two 1/4" outputs for stereo effects, along with an expression input for further control of the effect in real-time.


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