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Strymon Brig - Certified Organic Echo

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Introducing the Strymon Brig, a compact and versatile bucket brigade delay pedal that brings vintage analog warmth and character to your guitar tone. Designed in the new and smaller single foot switch form factor, the Brig offers three different bucket brigade circuits that deliver vastly different sonic flavors, allowing you to explore a wide range of delay sounds.

With up to two seconds of delay time available in tap tempo mode, the Brig lets you dial in your desired delay timing with precision. The Time knob in each bucket brigade voice offers a unique range of delay times, from slightly dirtier and grungier repeats reminiscent of classic psychedelia to soft and dreamy ambient textures that create captivating sonic landscapes. You have the power to shape your sound and evoke the perfect mood for your music.

The Brig goes beyond being a cut-down version of the acclaimed Brigadier. It offers a host of innovative features and enhancements that take your delay experience to the next level:

1. Voices: The Brig features three distinct bucket brigade voices, each inspired by different eras of analog delay circuits. The 3205 voice emulates early single bucket brigade chip designs, providing a gritty and grungy character. The 3005 voice draws inspiration from later dual bucket brigade circuits, delivering soft and dreamy ambient repeats. The multi setting utilizes two cross-coupled dBucket delay machines for complex echoes and expansive stereo soundscapes.

2. Differentiation: The Brig is not just a scaled-down version of the Brigadier; it offers unique capabilities that set it apart:

a) Artifact-free Tap Tempo: The Brig introduces a new tap tempo mode that works seamlessly with the Time knob. When tapping in a new tempo, the delay repeats smoothly transition to the new value without any glitching or pitch shifting. However, if you desire the chaos and unpredictability of traditional bucket brigade delays, simply tweak the Time knob to unleash its full sonic potential.

b) Flexible Delay Time: The tap tempo mode of the Brig allows you to choose the delay time independently of the selected bucket brigade voice. This means you can combine the grungy texture of the 3205 voice with a longer delay time or enjoy the warm and dreamy qualities of the 3005 voice with any desired value. The flexibility empowers you to craft your perfect delay sound without compromise.

c) Advanced Connectivity: The Brig comes equipped with USB-C and TRS MIDI ports, allowing for easy integration into your MIDI setup. It offers 300 presets, MIDI clock sync, a discrete JFET input circuit for pristine signal integrity, a mono/stereo back panel switch, and TRS jacks for stereo ins and outs.

d) Inspiring Modulation: The modulation on the Brig is exceptional and can be used as a wide stereo bucket brigade chorus. In 3205 mode, with the Time knob set to the minimum 30ms and the modulation knob dialed up, the Brig delivers one of the best-sounding bucket brigade chorus effects available.

e) Tunable Noise: The Brig gives you control over the noise characteristic of the bucket brigade delay. The filter knob allows you to dial in the perfect balance of classic bucket brigade character and noise reduction, giving you full control over your desired sound.

With its compact size, versatile sound-shaping capabilities, and innovative features, the Strymon Brig is the ultimate analog bucket brigade delay pedal for guitarists who crave vintage warmth, rich textures, and endless sonic possibilities.

- Form Factor: Single Foot Switch
- Delay Time: Up to 2 seconds (tap tempo)
- Voices: 3205, 3005, Multi
- Connectivity: USB-C, TRS MIDI, Mono/Stereo Switch, TRS Stereo Ins/Outs
- Features: Artifact-free Tap Tempo, 300 Presets, MIDI Clock Sync, JFET Input Circuit, Modulation, Tunable Noise

Unleash the vintage magic of the Strymon Brig and immerse yourself in a world of captivating delay tones that will elevate your playing and inspire your musical journey.