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Spaceman Equinox EQ: Comet Edition

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The Equinox is an expansive tone shaping tool borne from a widely acclaimed studio equalizer. The core passive circuit features an abundance of options that have never really been applied to traditional stompbox EQs until now. The low frequency and high cut frequency bands are first order - 6dB per octave filters, while the high boost band is a second order - 12dB per octave filter. With new input and output stages, and revamped frequency ranges, this fantastic design can easily be employed to great effect directly on your pedalboard.
LEVEL - Easily set the output level exactly where you want it.
LO FREQ - Center frequency of the low band. 30Hz - 60Hz - 100Hz - 150Hz.
LO BOOST - Turn it up to boost bass at the
LO FREQ. LO CUT - Turn it up to cut bass at the LO FREQ.
HI CUT FREQ - Center frequency of the high cut band. 1.5kHz - 2.5kHz - 3.5kHz - 5kHz.
HI BOOST FREQ - Center frequency of the high boost band. 1kHz - 2kHz - 3kHz - 4kHz.
HI BOOST - Boost treble at the HI BOOST FREQ.
HI CUT - Cut treble at the HI CUT FREQ.
BANDWIDTH - Width of the high boost band. Lower is narrower, higher is wider.