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Poly Effects Josh Smith Flat V

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Introducing the Poly Effects Josh Smith Flat V

Experience dynamic gain like never before with the Poly Effects Josh Smith Flat V. This exceptional pedal is the result of a collaboration between renowned guitarist Josh Smith and Poly Effects, delivering a tone that will ignite your creativity and take your playing to new heights.

Channel A of the Flat V is transistor-based, offering a range of selectable diodes to shape your sound. On the other hand, Channel B features an amp-style gain circuit with cascaded JFETs that emulate the warmth and response of classic valves. What sets the Flat V apart are its synth-style resonant filters, which replace traditional EQ controls found in most pedals. These 24dB/octave 4-pole analog filters allow you to sculpt your tone precisely, with a high pass filter and a low pass filter that can create everything from subtle frequency shaping to intense and resonant filter sweeps.

With the Flat V, every preset is a universe of sonic possibilities. Each preset features two sides, offering the ability to blend between two values for each slider. You can blend using the waveshapes or an envelope that responds to your playing dynamics, adding a dynamic and expressive dimension to your sound. Additionally, each slider has a secondary function, accessed by pressing the corresponding slider title buttons. This secondary setting opens up even more tonal possibilities.

The Flat V is equipped with essential connectivity options, including a MIDI input and output for seamless integration into your rig. The power input requires a 9V DC negative center power supply, consuming a modest 120mA. The pedal features an input jack, an output jack, and a signature button used to switch sides and save presets. It also includes footswitches for Channel A and Channel B, allowing easy control over the pedal's activation and preset navigation.

Whether you're a fan of Josh Smith's soulful playing or seeking the signature sounds that inspire you, the Flat V has got you covered. Its versatile gain capabilities and resonant filters make it a perfect companion for blues, rock, funk, or any genre where expressive tone is essential.

- Dynamic gain pedal with two channels: transistor-based Channel A with selectable diodes and amp-style gain circuit Channel B with cascaded JFETs
- Synth-style 24dB/octave 4-pole resonant analog filters for precise tone shaping
- Each preset has two sides for blending between two values per slider, either using waveshapes or responsive envelope
- Secondary functions for each slider accessible via slider title buttons
- Input jack, MIDI input and output (TRS Type A), power input (9V DC negative center, 120mA), and output jack
- Six banks of six presets, easy to navigate and save
- Diode selection for Channel A
- Waveshape selection for blending, with controls for speed (LFO speed or envelope decay time) and sense (envelope attack time or shape spread)
- High pass filter (HPF) and low pass filter (LPF) cutoff frequencies with resonance levels
- Signature button for switching sides and saving presets
- Visual VU mode for input level visualization
- Battery mode for reduced power consumption (Flat V cannot use an internal battery)
- Pedal dimensions: 102mm (W) x 112mm (D) x 40mm (H) (60mm with footswitches)

Unleash your creativity and explore a world of dynamic gain with the Poly Effects Josh Smith Flat V. Elevate your playing and discover new sonic landscapes. Order yours now and experience the magic firsthand.