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On-Stage GSP1000 ABY Switcher

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Introducing the On-Stage GSP1000 ABY Switcher, a versatile and robust pedal designed to give musicians ultimate control over their signal routing. Whether you're seeking to expand your sonic possibilities or streamline your setup, this pedal is the perfect companion for any guitarist or bassist.

With the GSP1000, you have the freedom to choose between two-input/one-output or one-input/two-output configurations, opening up a world of sonic possibilities. This pedal excels in various applications, allowing you to run one instrument through two amps in stereo, switch between two amps seamlessly, combine two instruments into one effect chain, or bypass effects with ease.

Equipped with true-bypass circuitry, the GSP1000 ensures that your signal remains pristine and unaffected when the pedal is turned off. This means that the pedal is completely removed from the signal path, maintaining the integrity and purity of your tone.

Built with a heavy-duty aluminum housing, this pedal is designed to withstand the rigors of the road and protect the internal components, ensuring reliable performance night after night. The nonslip rubber base keeps the pedal securely in place, even during the most energetic performances.

The GSP1000 features a 3-color changing LED that indicates the A/B and A+B selections, providing clear visual feedback so you can easily keep track of your signal routing.

Immerse yourself in a world of sonic exploration and take full control of your sound with the On-Stage GSP1000 ABY Switcher. Whether you're a gigging musician, a studio enthusiast, or a tone chaser, this pedal is your gateway to unlocking new sonic possibilities.


  • Splits one input for switching between two signal paths or combines two inputs to share one signal path
  • True-bypass circuitry removes the pedal from the signal path when the pedal is off
  • Heavy-duty aluminum housing protects internal components for reliable performance
  • Nonslip rubber on the pedal bottom prevents skidding during use
  • 3-color changing LED indicates A/B and A+B selections

Take control of your signal routing and expand your sonic horizons with the On-Stage GSP1000 ABY Switcher. Unleash your creativity and explore new musical territories with confidence.