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Old Blood Noise BL-82 Chorus

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Introducing the Old Blood Noise BL-82 Chorus: A Unique, Versatile, and Expressive Chorus Pedal

Dive into the realm of extraordinary chorus effects with the Old Blood Noise BL-82 Chorus pedal. This innovative stompbox pushes the boundaries of traditional chorus effects, offering a unique blend of shimmering chorus and chaotic modulated delay that will captivate and inspire your playing. Designed for musicians seeking new sonic horizons, the BL-82 Chorus is your gateway to an expansive world of lush textures and immersive soundscapes.

The heart of the BL-82 Chorus lies in its unique clock control slider, which seamlessly shifts between fast, pristine chorus tones and slow, degraded modulated delay sounds. Two delay lines modulated by opposite synchronized LFOs are combined in parallel, with their timing, speed, and depth determined by the intuitive slider control. Additional controls for feedback, volume, and mix allow you to fine-tune the intensity and balance of the effect to suit your playing style and creative vision.

BL-82 Chorus Features:

  • Clock slider to change the effect from fast and fidelitous to slow and degraded
  • Feedback knob to enhance the intensity of the chorus/increase the amount of delay repeats
  • Soft touch footswitch for engaging or bypassing the effect
  • Mix control for setting dry/wet mix
  • Volume control for setting overall volume
  • Powered by 9V DC

Whether you're crafting delicate, shimmering soundscapes or exploring the depths of modulated chaos, the Old Blood Noise BL-82 Chorus pedal offers an unparalleled level of versatility and expressiveness. Unleash your creativity and redefine the boundaries of chorus effects with this groundbreaking pedal.