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Review Ground Control Audio Serpens Optical Compressor

Ground Control Audio Serpens Optical Compressor

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The Ground Control Audio Serpens Optical Compressor is a standout piece of gear that delivers a distinctive tonal enhancement to your guitar playing. Designed to cater especially to styles like math rock and midwest emo, the Serpens Optical Compressor enriches your sound with a darker, more expressive tone while ensuring an even dynamic range across your playing. This pedal is not merely about compression; it offers a unique blend of boost and compression with a very organic, responsive feel.

What sets the Serpens apart is its touch-sensitive nature, allowing detailed control over the dynamics, which is crucial for genres that demand precision and emotion. It operates using a LED-LDR (light-dependent resistor) mechanism, providing a smooth, natural compression that retains the guitar's inherent character while adding a subtle, darker charm to the sound. The pedal is also noted for being exceptionally quiet when not in play, ensuring that it only enhances without introducing noise.

Here are some detailed specifications to consider:

  • Type: Optical Boost/Compressor
  • Controls: Blend, Sensitivity, Gain, plus internal trimmers for maximum gain level, decay time, and recovery gain adjustment
  • Power Requirements: 9VDC (center-negative)
  • Build: Robust, with a focus on high-quality components
  • Design: Offers both a blend of the dry signal and the compressed signal, enhancing versatility
  • Additional Features: Designed to be intuitive, making it accessible for both novice and professional musicians

The Serpens is particularly recommended for guitarists looking to refine their sound with nuanced, articulate dynamics, especially in genres that thrive on the detailed articulation of every note​.