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Review Good Kitty - B's Music Exclusive Cusack Music Screamer V3 - Overdrive

Good Kitty - B's Music Exclusive Cusack Music Screamer V3 - Overdrive

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Introducing the Good Kitty - B's Music Exclusive Cusack Music Screamer V3 Overdrive: Purr-fectly Designed for Pawsome Tone!

*Only 29 Made. We super doubt we'll do a second batch*

Unleash your inner tone beast with the Good Kitty, a special B's Music Shop edition of the Cusack Music Screamer V3 Overdrive. This fur-ociously fantastic pedal, inspired by the legendary Tube Screamer circuit, is perfect for musicians who want to stand out in the mix and let their tone claw its way to the top. And, just for some feline fun, we've given it a total Cat Overhaul.

The Good Kitty Cusack Screamer V3 Overdrive is a clean overdrive that offers twice the gain of a typical Tube Screamer. It's meticulously designed for maximum tonal definition, allowing you to hear the individual notes of complex chords that would usually be buried. The V3 version now features metal film capacitors, but don't let that fool you - we think it sounds just as good as its predecessors.

Key Controls:

Drive: Adjusts the amount of gain and overdrive.
Tone: Controls the tonal balance. Left is bassier, right is brighter.
Level: Sets the output level.
Toggle Switch: Left - classic silicon diodes; Middle - LED for louder, punchier, brighter overdrive; Right - Schottky diodes for a crushed, compressed tone.
Power Requirements:

Standard center-negative 9V DC power supply or 9V battery (neither included)
Current draw: ~6mA
Safe to run at 18V DC, but will not alter the sound due to internal voltage regulator.

4.42" L x 2.39" W x 1.24" H
With the Good Kitty Cusack Screamer V3 Overdrive, you'll be the cat's meow on stage or in the studio. Its purr-fect balance of clarity, gain, and versatility will make it your go-to pedal for powerful, expressive overdrive. Don't miss out on the chance to get your paws on this B's Music Shop exclusive, and let your tone soar to new heights!