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Review Death By Audio Octave Clang v2 Octave Fuzz

Death By Audio Octave Clang v2 Octave Fuzz

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Unleash the beast with the Death By Audio Octave Clang v2, a pedal that redefines the boundaries of sound. Born from the ashes of its predecessor, the Octave Clang v2 has emerged more ferocious and versatile than ever. It's a tool that doesn't just add effects to your sound; it transforms it, taking you on a sonic journey from the depths of gritty, ground-shaking distortion to the heights of piercing, discordant octave scrapes.

Imagine plugging in and unleashing a sound so powerful, it's like summoning a thunderstorm with your fingertips. The Octave Clang v2 isn't just a pedal; it's a statement, a declaration of your unique musical identity. It's for the musician who doesn't just play music but conjures it, shaping soundscapes that are as captivating as they are unconventional.


  • Dimensions: 4.8” x 3.7” x 2.1” (including hardware)
  • Weight: 11.5 oz.
  • Power: Standard 2.1mm 9V DC adapter with center-negative polarity, 10 mA current draw. Compatible with 9V battery (not provided).
  • Bypass/Left Footswitch: Engages/disengages the effect (red LED).
  • Octave/Right Footswitch: Toggles Octave Up mode (yellow LED), with LED indicator for bypass status.
  • Volume: Controls output level, from silent to extremely loud.
  • Gain: Adjusts circuit gain, providing up to +39dB for overdrive and fuzz.
  • Tone: Pre-gain tilt EQ for balancing highs and lows, affecting octave and fuzz character.
  • Bias (Inner Control): Misbiases distortion circuitry for standard or rougher sound character.

Embrace the chaos and let the Death By Audio Octave Clang v2 be the catalyst for your sonic rebellion. With this pedal, your guitar becomes more than just an instrument—it becomes a weapon of mass sonic destruction.