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Collision Devices Nocturnal

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Shimmer Reverb with Modulated Delay & Dynamic Tremolo
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Modulated Delay

Warmed and inspirational delay based on a tape delay circuit.


Settings :

Mix : Controls the mix between Full Dry or 50% Dry / 50% Wet

Time : Time between each repetition. From a few ms to 1 second. Signal quality turns to Lo-Fi when it’s pushed to long repeats.

Feedback : Number of repetitions. Able to self oscillate very easily when the knob is around 7.5.

Modulation : Amount of modulation in the delay repetitions. Create a sort of old tape effect

Speed : Modulation’s frequency from 0.1 to 20 Hz.

Momentary effect : Feedback self oscillation when footswitch is long pushed



Dynamic Tremolo

Turn a huge amount of shimmer and reverb into it to make it oscillate faster.


Settings :

Sens : Sensibility, turn it clockwise to make the tremolo more sensitive to your attack

Depth : Controls the tremolo’s volume

Momentary effect : Tremolo overspeed when footswitch is long pushed




Create bright soundscapes and loose the notion of time until the sunrise. 


Settings :

Blend : Controls the amount of Dry/Wet signal. You can have a full Wet reverb.

Reverb : Reverberation time. Max 15 sec.

Shimmer : Makes the reverb shimmer

Filter : Digital filter. Low pass. Lets you make the shimmer darker or more shiny

Colour : Notch active and analog filter around 2.2 kHz. Controls the Q of the filter.

Trails : when footswitch is long pushed, the trails are activated and it allows you to play with the dry signal with the shimmer trails