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Benson Delay

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Benson DELAY: The Ultimate Echo Experience

Experience the extraordinary sonic craftsmanship of the Benson DELAY, a masterpiece in the world of echo effects. Designed by a team of industry visionaries, including Jack Deville, Bryan Sours, and John Snyder, this delay pedal stands out for its meticulous construction and unparalleled sound quality.

Innovative Design: At the heart of the Benson DELAY is the PT2399 chip, revered for its vast and quality delay range. The combination of a compander chip, analog filtering, and meticulous gain staging brings out a warm, expansive sound characteristic of this unit. It's a pedal designed not just for effect but as a tool for musical expression.

User-Friendly Menu: Navigating the LFO waveform and tap division menu is a breeze. A simple hold and tap mechanism allows you to switch between SINE, SQUARE, and RANDOM waveforms, as well as QUARTER, DOTTED EIGHTH, and SIXTEENTH note tap divisions, enhancing your control over the sound.

Sound Quality: Drawing from a rich history in tape and bucket brigade echo servicing, the Benson DELAY offers floaty, colorful repeats with a musical degradation that’s both chaotic and harmonically rich. It's the perfect blend of vintage and modern sonic landscapes.

Versatile Range: Whether you're looking for fast chorus and vibrato effects or slow, haunting soundscapes, the Benson DELAY delivers with a delay range of 30ms to 1250ms. This pedal is a playground for creative minds.

Alien Sounds: Engage in self-oscillation by holding down the tap knob. This feature is perfect for sustaining notes and creating alien-like invasion noises, especially when paired with the time knob.

Warble Effects: The pedal’s LFO offers a vast range of speed and depth, including sine, square, and random waveforms. From warble to flutter, it covers all the desirable echo textures.

Precision Tap Tempo: Thanks to Bontempo technology, developed by Antoine Ricoux and refined by Octave Zangs, the Benson DELAY boasts the most accurate tap tempo ever applied to the PT2399, ensuring perfect timing in your performances.

Smooth Operation: Avoid the digital harshness common in modern delay designs. The Benson DELAY offers a smooth adjustment of the time control, free from digital artifacts.


  • Power: Center Negative 9VDC, 100ma current draw
  • Warranty: 2 years (excluding modifications or damage)
  • Delay Range: 30ms - 1250ms
  • Waveforms: SINE, SQUARE, RANDOM
  • Unique Features: Self-calibration, alien sound effects, warble textures
  • Build: Robust construction with intuitive controls

Embrace the sonic possibilities with the Benson DELAY, where every note you play transforms into an echo of artistry.