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Beetronics Abelha Tropical Fuzz

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Introducing the Beetronics Abelha "Tropical Fuzz", a stunning fusion of Brazilian musical heritage and modern pedal technology. This pedal is an homage to the unique fuzz tones of Brazil in the '70s, particularly inspired by the Tropicalia movement. The Abelha delivers a nostalgic yet futuristic fuzz tone, perfect for music enthusiasts and guitarists alike.

Key Features:

  • Three Fuzz Flavors: Choose between "Polen" for a sagged, spitty tone; "Nectar" for a round, massive fuzzy sound; and "Honey" for a more controlled gain with versatility.
  • Buzz and Loud Controls: Adjust the fuzz intensity and volume to suit your playing style.
  • HI and LO EQ Controls: Fine-tune your sound with these versatile EQ options.
  • Tropical Mode: A unique high-pass filter that adds a characteristic Brazilian buzz to your fuzz tone. Activate it with a footswitch or toggle for continuous effect.
  • Footswitch Profiles: Customize the tempo of the momentary function to match your playing rhythm.

The Abelha is not just for Brazilian music fans; it's a versatile pedal that fits any genre requiring a distinctive fuzz tone. Whether you're a professional musician or a hobbyist, the Beetronics Abelha "Tropical Fuzz" is set to be a valuable addition to your pedalboard.