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Review Animals Pedals Relaxing Walrus Delay V2

Animals Pedals Relaxing Walrus Delay V2

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The Animals Pedal Relaxing Walrus Delay V2 is a pedal that brings a blend of vintage analog and modern digital delay tones right under your feet. This easy-to-use delay effect pedal is not only standard but also indispensable for adding an "amazing" touch to your guitar play. With its simple controls and wide-ranging delay time, it offers a versatile palette of sounds to explore and create with.

The delay tone of the Relaxing Walrus Delay is reminiscent of vintage analog delays, providing a warm, rich sound while maintaining the clarity characteristic of digital delays. By adjusting the BLEND knob, you can create a natural reverberation that seamlessly blends with the original sound, or make it stand out prominently. It also features self-oscillation, similar to an analog delay, and can cover a wide range of applications, from always-on delays to transcendent projectile delays.

Imagination in Sound:

  • Smooth Lead Tones: Transitioning from rhythm to lead, the delay adds depth and a distinct presence to your lead tone, rounding the edges of the sound for a smoother, more listenable tone.
  • Always ON Delay: Often used by professionals in live performances, a slight delay can enhance smooth rhythm parts with sustain, ensuring the sound never feels empty or abrupt.
  • Rhythmic Delays: Utilize the repeating nature of the delay effect to create rhythmic backings and harmonies, adding a complex layer to your play.
  • Self-Oscillation: Create a chaotic world of sound by allowing the delay to self-oscillate, changing pitch, timbre, and rhythm with the TIME knob, and combining it with other effects.

Artistic Touch: The pedal is adorned with a design by Jonas Claesson, an Australian surf art painter. He envisioned a walrus enjoying the afternoon post-surfing, alongside the dreamy best camping trailer, encapsulating a serene and adventurous spirit that resonates through the pedal’s sound.


  • Controls: BLEND, TIME, REPEAT
  • Delay Time: 1 to 500ms
  • Self-Oscillation: Yes
  • Foot Switch: True bypass
  • Power: Powered by a 9V battery or a standard center minus DC 9V adapter
  • Design: Created by Jonas Claesson
  • Size: 64 W x 112 D x 50 H mm (including projections)
  • Weight: 379g

Whether you’re crafting smooth lead tones, rhythmic delays, or exploring self-oscillation, the Relaxing Walrus Delay V2 offers a world of sonic possibilities in a beautifully designed pedal.