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Review Alexander / B's Music Shop Space Furrrce Space Force Reverb

Alexander / B's Music Shop Space Furrrce Space Force Reverb

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B's Music Shop Presents: The Exclusive Space Furrrce Reverb Pedal

Pawsitively Unique: Step into a universe of sound with the limited edition Space Furrrce Reverb pedal, exclusively at B's Music Shop. This isn't just any reverb pedal; it's a custom, store-specific marvel with custom artwork by Toronto tattoo artist Avery Worrell. Inside is the acclaimed Alexander Pedals Space Force you know and love, but the Space Furrrce is a collector's dream, boasting unique artwork and colors that you won't find anywhere else! 

The cat on the top is Matilda, the one on the bottom is Miko. They are B and his partner Ollie's old lady cats. 

Meowgical Soundscapes: The Space Furrrce offers eight reverb engines, each purr-fectly crafted to elevate your music:

  1. Plate: A vintage studio reverb for reflective brilliance.
  2. Mod Hall: Classic '80s hall reverb with pitch modulation.
  3. Pitch: Chamber reverb with twin pitch shifters for textural washes.
  4. Spring: Surf-inspired spring reverb with tremolo.
  5. Lo-Fi: '90s electronic reverb with a shoegaze vibe.
  6. Analog: Karaoke-style reverb for distinctive tones.
  7. Dynamic: Cathedral-style reverb with volume-sensing effects.
  8. Echoverb: Room reverb and delay for layered soundscapes.

Feline Flexibility: With 32 onboard presets, stereo input/output, and an intuitive knob interface, the Space Furrrce is as versatile as it is exclusive. Whether you're crafting a subtle background ambiance or diving into the depths of a stone well of sound, this pedal adapts to your creative whims.

Limited Edition, Infinite Possibilities: Remember, the Space Furrrce is a limited edition offering. It's not just a pedal; it's a statement. A testament to your unique style and a nod to your love for all things feline and musical.

Purr-chase Today: Don't let this opportunity slip through your claws. Add the Space Furrrce to your pedalboard and let your creativity soar to new galaxies!