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Review Used Aguilar Fuzzistor

Used Aguilar Fuzzistor

($119.99 Incl. tax)
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  • Tone: Delivers the deep and textured tone Aguilar bass pedals are renowned for.
  • Distortion: Offers classic silicon transistor distortion.
  • Control: Allows for complete mastery over the blend of clean and fuzz sound. Adjust the amount of fuzz from subtle nuances to crushing intensity. Features a tilt EQ tone control that shifts the harmonic structure of the fuzz from a deep boom to a sharp gnarl.
  • Features:
    • Analog Silicon transistor distortion.
    • Gig-saver bypass (ensures the signal passes even if the battery dies).
    • Inputs: One 1/4″ jack.
    • Power options: Nine-volt battery or an optional universal power supply.
    • Engage switch for easy activation.