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Review TV Jones Starwood Strat Bridge Pickup - Parchment White

TV Jones Starwood Strat Bridge Pickup - Parchment White

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Full bodied T-Armond meets classic Strat. TV Jones builds their Starwood Strat Pickups with some of the same components that theu use in their T-Armonds. This gives them a fuller presence while keeping the top end bright with no ice-pick shrillness. The S
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The bridge pickup sparkles with a husky presence (due to our patent-pending steel keeper), while the middle pickup growls with clarity and works almost like a secondary bridge tone. The neck position has explosive dynamics with a wide Q - reminiscent of a large single-coil DeArmond. Of course, position 2 and 4 reveal the quirkiest quack and spank.



DC Resistance is not entirely an indicator of true pickup output, although it can be helpful.

Bridge: DCR - 11.25k / Inductance - 4.14H

Middle: DCR - 7.4k / Inductance - 2.31H

Neck: DCR - 7.1k / Inductance - 2.13H