Strymon Deco Tape Saturation - Tape saturation and doubletracker effect pedal

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The Deco is many effects in one pedal. It has a wonderful sounding overdrive, achieved by pushing the saturation. You can also do echo, flange, chorus and modulated echo sounds.

On the Tape Saturation side, you can add a little bit of very natural sounding push from your guitar, or turn up the saturation for warm overdrive.

On the Doubletracker side is where you can dial in various effects. You can get a classic country slapback echo or a wobbly, washy, '80s-inspired echo.

Each knob has a secondary function, adding High trim, Low trim, Doubletracker boost/cut, Auto-Flange time, and Wide Stereo mode controls.

The pedal features a single 1/4" input and a pair of 1/4" outputs for stereo operation. There is also a separate input for either an expression pedal, a tap switch, or a Favorite switch to save and recall presets.


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