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Review Stone Deaf Noise Reaper - Analog Noise Gate

Stone Deaf Noise Reaper - Analog Noise Gate

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Stone Deaf Noise Reaper - Analog Noise Gate
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The ”Noise Reaper” is a professional noise gate designed for line level instruments, guitar and bass that has evolved from our noise gate technology within our “Warp Drive and Fig Fumb” high gain distortion and fuzz pedals. Tried and tested for many years in these applications with added improvements controlling unwieldy feedback and signal sources, be sure that this is one of the best noise gates on the market.

The pedal consists of a “Threshold” control knob which enables you to control how much the gate opens allowing for the dynamics you want to shine through. The pedal works by taking the input sensitivity of the guitar input and the noisy signal source and comparing the two which enables you to gate unwanted noise but still be able to sustain notes if playing lead guitar sections. The LED indicates if the noise gate is on or off and it has a high-quality soft touch relay based true bypass footswitch / circuit.