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Spaceman Meridian (Silver) Chorus

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Spaceman MERIDIAN TIME MODULATOR - Unleash Your Sonic Exploration

Introducing the Meridian, a transcendent analog chorus pedal that embodies the essence of Spaceman's sonic philosophy. With its lush modulation, timeless vintage character, and unparalleled versatility, the Meridian opens up a universe of possibilities for your musical journey. Immerse yourself in liquid chorus tones, transcendental true pitch vibrato, and a plethora of other mind-bending effects. Designed with a user-friendly control layout, this pedal ensures instant, reliable, and awe-inspiring results, encouraging you to continuously explore new sonic frontiers.

At the core of the Meridian lies a meticulously crafted 1024-stage bucket brigade delay line, featuring the legendary MN3007. Spanning a range of 0.8ms to 50ms, this extraordinary delay line enables you to summon a myriad of classic chorus tones, as well as delve into the realms of true pitch-shifting vibrato, ethereal phasing, pulsating Leslie-like sounds, shimmering flange textures, mesmerizing static comb filtering, and even rich double-tracking.

The Meridian's LFO section boasts three distinct waveshapes: Sine, Triangle, and Flux. Sine waves excel at wet-only pitch vibrato, while also adding a delectable touch to Leslie effects. Triangle waves are the industry standard for chorus and flanger sounds, delivering a harmonically rich modulation. The Flux wave shape, on the other hand, introduces a delightfully irregular variation of the triangle wave, characterized by unpredictable skips and jumps. When used subtly, the Flux wave imparts a captivating and organic "alive" quality to the modulation. Additionally, by turning the WIDTH control to a minimum, the LFO can be bypassed, allowing you to manually sweep the delay line using the RATE and TIME controls. This opens up exciting possibilities for static comb filtering at short delay times or achieving a dynamic double-tracking effect reminiscent of a slapback delay at moderate to high delay settings. For even more sonic exploration, the Meridian offers expression and CV control via the EXP jack, allowing you to shape the modulation to your heart's desire. An internal slide switch provides the option to select either RATE or WIDTH parameters for control, amplifying the creative potential of the pedal, especially when in COMB mode.

But they didn't stop there— the Meridian goes above and beyond by incorporating often overlooked features that make it incredibly inviting and easy to use. An external LEVEL control ensures effortless volume adjustments tailored to your preferences. The MIX control sweeps from fully dry to fully wet, granting you precise control over the effect's intensity. The REGEN control adds depth and dimension by introducing negative feedback around the delay line, a crucial element in crafting immersive flanger and phaser sounds. It also produces the metallic clank of comb filtering at short delay times and the organic, rhythmic grind at longer delay times. With these comprehensive controls, the Meridian puts the power in your hands to create stunning soundscapes limited only by your imagination.

The Meridian represents Spaceman's most flexible and sophisticated modulation effect to date. Step on this pedal, and it will whisk you away on a cosmic journey, transcending the boundaries of space and time.


  • All analog signal path for pure, organic tones
  • Utilizes the high headroom MN3007 bucket brigade delay IC for unparalleled sound quality
  • Offers a delay time range of 0.8ms to 50ms for diverse chorus and vibrato effects
  • Incorporates noise-reducing compander and custom-tuned filters for pristine audio performance
  • Wide range LFO with Sine, Triangle, and Flux waveshapes for versatile modulation possibilities
  • LFO speed ranges from 0