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Poly Effects Beebo

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Introducing the Poly Effects Beebo - a revolutionary multi-effects unit that brings the power of convolution reverb and modular synthesis to your fingertips. Whether you're a studio musician, live performer, or experimental sound enthusiast, Beebo has everything you need to craft unique and captivating sonic landscapes. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the endless possibilities this extraordinary device has to offer.

Convolution reverb, once limited to the realm of software, has now found its home in hardware with Beebo. Capture the essence of real spaces, vintage reverb tanks, famous studios, or even unconventional environments like caves or bathrooms. Thanks to Beebo's high-performance processing capabilities, you can easily load custom impulse responses or choose from thousands available online, giving you access to a universe of reverberation possibilities.

But Beebo is more than just a reverb unit. It's a playground for sonic experimentation. With its modular workflow, you can assign foot switches to control various parameters, connect them to random sources, LFOs, or envelope followers. The possibilities for customization and modulation are virtually endless. Unleash your creativity by designing your own chorus, flanger, or any other effect by combining delay modules and modulating them to your heart's content.

Beebo also plays well with others. Send out control signals as MIDI CC to control external pedals, seamlessly integrating with your existing setup. Sharing presets is a breeze – simply plug in a USB flash drive and export or import them effortlessly.

When it comes to unique and out-of-this-world effects, Beebo delivers in spades. Dive into the world of modular and experimental sounds with features like bitmangle, freeze, granular synthesis, six different virtual analog filters, powerful LFOs, time stretching, turntable stop effects, step sequencers, twist delays, VCAs, wavefolders, quantizers, attenuverters, and so much more. Explore the vast array of modules ported from renowned Eurorack devices, including a granular texture synthesizer, a 16-model macro oscillator voice, and a meta modulator with seven blendable signal combining algorithms.

The MIDI to V/oct module opens up a whole new realm of possibilities by allowing you to drive the synthesis modules with MIDI note input, making Beebo a truly versatile and expressive instrument.

- Convolution reverb with high CPU performance for capturing real spaces and vintage reverb tanks
- Modular workflow with foot switch control and modulation options
- Powerful effects modules including chorus, flanger, delay, and more
- Granular synthesis, virtual analog filters, LFOs, time stretching, and turntable stop effects
- MIDI-to-V/oct module for driving synthesis modules with MIDI note input
- USB flash drive support for easy preset sharing
- Compact and portable design

Experience the future of effects processing with the Poly Effects Beebo. Unleash your creativity, shape your sound, and embark on sonic adventures like never before. It's time to redefine what's possible.

Pedal Dimensions:
- Width: 102 mm
- Depth: 112 mm
- Height: 40 mm (60 mm with footswitches)