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Review Oneder Red Ryder Distortion Woody Faceplate in Crimson Red

Oneder Red Ryder Distortion Woody Faceplate in Crimson Red

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Introducing the Oneder Red Ryder Distortion  - a versatile and powerful distortion pedal that will take your guitar tone to new heights. This unique pedal is perfect for those looking for an all-in-one solution for their distortion needs, whether it's a subtle overdrive or a full-on sonic assault.

The Red Ryder Distortion was inspired by the signature sound of legendary guitarist, Red Ryder, who was known for his distinctive, powerful tone that shaped the sound of rock and roll. Now, you too can harness the power of this iconic sound with the Woody Faceplate edition of the Oneder Red Ryder Distortion pedal.

The Red Ryder Distortion Woody Faceplate delivers an array of tonal possibilities, thanks to its innovative features and high-quality components. The pedal's versatility allows you to create the perfect sound for any style, whether it's blues, rock, or metal. Let your imagination run wild as you experiment with the pedal's unique features and create your own signature sound.

Key Features and Specs:

- Two clipping options: Asymmetrical silicon for amp-like breakup and LED clipping for a more open, crunchy tone
- LM308 chip, just like the old distortions, providing that classic tone
- Pre-gain 'Weight' knob to tailor in more low-end heft, giving your tone extra depth and power
- Wet/Dry knob (with light-up feature) to blend in your clean signal for added clarity or a bi-amp style sound
- Softer-Click True Bypass footswitch for noiseless operation and signal preservation
- Power: 9V DC center negative power only (power supply not included)
- Current draw: Less than 100mA
- No battery option
- Red Ryder's personal recommendation: Use an isolated power supply for optimal performance

Get ready to experience the power and versatility of the Oneder Red Ryder Distortion Woody Faceplate. Order yours today and unleash your creativity with this incredible pedal!