noiseKICK FX The Horsey (Distortion fuzz)

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"A 2 in 1 distortion and fuzz pedal.

This pedal is 2 pedals in 1. Each effect can be used individually or together.
There is an 'effect order' toggle switch to choose which effect comes first. Have the distortion going into the fuzz or the fuzz going into the distortion.

On the left, a 2 knob super-fuzz type circuit (vintage design from the 60's) with 2 toggle switches: tone toggle and a 2 way clipping toggle to switch between silicon/germanium clipping.

On the right, a 3 knob, 4 transistor distortion (volume, tone, sustain) and two 2-way clipping toggles, switch silicon diodes or no clipping for a total of 4 combinations!

Different clipping diodes allow for varying levels of gain and compression."

Other features:
True bypass

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