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Review Mojo Hand FX RVT - Combination Reverb/Vibrato/Tremolo

Mojo Hand FX RVT - Combination Reverb/Vibrato/Tremolo

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Mojo Hand FX RVT - Combination Reverb/Vibrato/Tremolo
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This is a fantastic pedal with all of the common effects that most guitarists want. The pedal has a Reverb, Vibrato, and Tremolo effect. The Reverb is just one knob, turn up for more reverb and down to have zero reverb. The Vibrato and Tremolo are a one or the other scenario. Push the button in the middle to switch between Vibrato or Tremolo. The Speed and Depth knobs control the parameters of the chosen effect. The vibrato moves from subtle to seasick types of vibrato. The tremolo has a beautiful sound to it, from gentle waves to choppy tones. The ability to combine the Reverb with either vibrato or tremolo make this a great pedal to add to any amplifier. All three of the effects sound as if they were built in to whatever amp you hook up to. Amazing pedal!