Matthews Effects Chemist Octave, Chorus or Phaser Pedal

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Choose between three modulated signals with the Chemist V2. Two rows of identical controls, but you get to choose which effect is assigned to which row. With the push of a button, you can switch between chorus, phaser, or an octaver. The three-way switches on the side of the pedal are what control the assignment of effects. 

Effects -

The Chemist V2 has two sets of slide switches on the left side of the pedal that let you choose one of
these three algorithms for each row of controls:

Cobalt (Chorus/Vibrato) - Recreate classic, lush, chorus tones. Turn the "Reaction" knob up (turning
your dry signal down) for a mind-altering vibrato.

Lithium (Octave) - Generate rich polyphonic organ textures using the "Formula" control as your low
octave mix, the "Catalyst" as your high octave mix and the "Reaction" knob to adjust the mix between
your wet and dry signal.

Iridium (Phaser) - Manipulate speed ("Catalyst" knob) and resonance ("Formula" knob) to create swirling
sonic elements.

Controls -

Reaction - Controls the mix of the effect
Catalyst - Controls the speed of the phaser and chorus and the mix of the upper octave
Formula - Controls the delay time of the chorus, the resonance of the phaser and the lower octave mix

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