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Ibanez Mini Booster Pedal

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Introducing the Ibanez Mini Booster Pedal, a compact powerhouse that provides an essential boost to your guitar signal while offering remarkable tonal flexibility. Designed and crafted with meticulous attention to detail in Japan, this pedal combines precision engineering with premium components to deliver outstanding performance in a compact footprint.

The Mini Booster features three intuitive controls: Level, Bass, and Treble. Unlike simple one-knob boosters, the addition of the Bass and Treble EQ enables you to shape your tone with precision. With the "Wide Range" setting, where the Bass and Treble are turned up, your guitar tone becomes broader, exhibiting enhanced volume and presence across the entire frequency spectrum. On the other hand, the "Mid Boost" setting is perfect for cutting through a band mix, allowing your guitar to soar with clarity and definition. With these versatile EQ controls, the Mini Booster empowers you to achieve the perfect balance and add a touch of sonic magic to your sound.

At the heart of the Mini Booster is the Japanese-made JRC MUSES 8820 op-amp, renowned for its high-quality performance in amplifiers. This op-amp ensures tonal brightness and clarity, even when pushing your amplifier into overdrive. Whether you're looking for a subtle volume boost or a punchy, driven tone, the Mini Booster faithfully amplifies your signal while preserving the nuances of your playing.

Equipped with a true bypass switch, the Mini Booster provides the shortest and cleanest signal path when the pedal is disengaged, ensuring that your guitar's natural tone remains uncolored and pristine. This feature is especially important for maintaining the integrity of your sound when using multiple pedals in your setup.

With a low power requirement of only 12mA at 9V, the Mini Booster is efficient and can be powered by a standard external DC 9-volt AC adapter with a center-negative polarity. It seamlessly integrates into your existing pedalboard setup without adding unnecessary complexity or hassle.

Enhance your creativity and sonic possibilities with the Ibanez Mini Booster Pedal. Its compact size, tonal flexibility, and premium components make it an essential tool for any guitarist seeking to take their sound to the next level.


  • Controls: Level, Bass, Treble
  • True Bypass
  • Required Current: 12mA @ 9V
  • Power Supply: External DC 9-volt AC adapter (Center-negative)