Greer Super Hornet

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The Super Hornet has a wide variety of tones. You can run it simply as a fuzz pedal, or you can add octaves to your tone for fullness. The basic controls are Volume, Tone, and Fuzz. Where this pedal really starts to come alive is with the two-way toggle, which chooses between Octave and Stinger. If the toggle is in Octave mode, the Stinger footswitch is not active. The pedal runs as an octave fuzz pedal. The octaves are bumped up by 2db to make sure they cut through the mix. If you choose the Stinger setting, the Stinger footswitch becomes active. Now you can choose when to initiate the octave using the momentary switch, the Stinger. This allows to you to mix layers at will! 

This pedal can be powered via a 9-volt adapter(adapter not included). 
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