EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral Modulated Delay Pedal

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From tight, slapback delays to wobbly, cavernous delays with spacy sounds, this pedal has a wide(get it?) range of tones.

Delay times range from 30ms to 600ms. Controls are simple. The Time knob adjusts the time between delays. The Repeats knob takes you from a single repeat to infinite repeats, for cascading sounds. The Mix helps you move the delays from the background to foreground, depending on how heavily you want them to be.

The Depth, Rate, and Shape knobs all control features of the modulation. Turn down the Depth for less modulation. The Shape moves the modulating wave from a triangle form to a square form for different behaviors. The Rate knob controls the speed of the modulation, from fast, wiggly tones, to slow, seasick type drones.

This pedal runs on a 9-volt adapter(adapter not included).

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