EarthQuaker Devices Ghost Echo Reverb V3

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This is one of my favorite reverb pedals! It's a clean, natural sounding reverb that just adds a beautiful layer to your playing. You can go from a tight, quick slapback reverb, to a huge, cavernous sound very easily. The three knobs, Attack, Dwell, and Depth, control all the features you need to dial in phenomenal reverbs. The Attack knob controls the pre-delay, from 30ms-150ms, to help balance the wet and dry signal. The Dwell knob sets the length of the reverb decay. If you want a long, trailing reverb, turn it up! Finally, the Depth knob is what gives the reverb intensity. A lot of reverb and a little guitar? Or a little reverb and a lot of guitar? You're are in total control with this fantastic pedal from Earthquaker Devices!

This pedal runs on a 9-volt adapter(adapter not included).

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