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Dirty Haggard Gatekeeper

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Dirty Haggard Gatekeeper
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The Gatekeeper is a 2-in-1 octave-down + independent fuzz.


The octave down section is a well-tracking monophonic design using parallel D-flip-Flops for extra control. It includes a blend knob which sweeps between unaffected signal and just octave down. Great for adding girth to signals. Tracks super well along most of the fretboard & offers nice glitchy chaos with super low notes.


The fuzz section is inspired by the classic Maestro fuzz, but of course Dirty-Haggardized to be virtually noise-fee and extra gnarly. This section also has a (somewhat quirky) blend knob which sweeps between the outputs of 2 separate fuzz stages. Left is stage-1 and comparatively mild, right is after stage-2 and brings the gnar. The implementation of this control is a bit strange because, although an added stage of phase correction has been added, the stage-1 and stage-2 outputs are still somewhat out of phase & ‘fighting’ with each other…. which results in many interesting flavors of fuzz across the sweep of the knob.


Both sections operate independently with their own footswitch to activate/deactivate. When both on, the octave down feeds into the fuzz.