Deep Space Devices Trigonaut Octave/Overdrive Pedal

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The Trigonaut is an incredibly versatile pedal. If you're looking for fuzzy, overdriven tones with a touch of glitch and stutter, look no further. The Trigonaut can be used as a standard overdrive pedal, but it rears its head when you engage the Consume button. The Consume turns on the octave glitch/stutter function. You can add layers of chaos with this setting. From a subtle background growl, to a complete sonic shutdown. In the middle of the two main switches is a momentary switch, which allows you to bring the glitch/stutter effect on, momentarily, at full level. You can create all sorts of strange breakdowns and atmospheres with this pedal.

Controls -



Turns the effect on and off. Orange LED indicates whether Bypass is on or off.


Allows the octave glitch/stutter to become present in your mix. Purple LED indicates whether Consume is on or off.


When held down, the glitch/stutter effect becomes present but at max level.




Controls the output of drive/effect.


Controls presence of your clean gain tone and acts as a limiter of the output of effect.


With consume off, Reign acts as a subtle low-mid tone control. With consume on, Reign controls the presence of the octave glitch/stutter effect. Having Reign fully to the left will give you a “middle ground” of the effect. As you turn the knob to the right, it increases the presence of the octave glitch/stutter.


Boosts bass presence when toggle is in the up position.


In the down position, gives a leveled drive output. In the up position, it gives a higher frequency output.


In the down position, the effect will be set to stutter. The stutter effect rapidly switches your signal on/off and slows down the longer the note is held. In the up position, the effect will be set to glitch. With the effect, the octaves go into a sporadic array. The octaves will play downward to lower octaves starting from the initial position. The stutter/glitch effect reacts with each toggle position of Bite/Gnaw/Crunch.

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