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Deep Space Devices Golem Drive Pedal

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Deep Space Devices Golem Drive Pedal
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The Golem from Deep Space Devices is an intense overdrive/fuzz pedal. With four knobs and four switches, there are a ton of different tones you can generate from this pedal. This pedal sounds great with either guitar or bass. The knobs control the volume, gain, and some of the EQ features of the pedal. For further tone-shaping, the toggles give a few different options, from diode switching to boost settings, EQ settings, and more. This is a versatile pedal that would fit well in your pedalboard!


  • Power: Control of overall output of effect
  • Rage: Control the density of the gain
  • Shape: Tonal control of effect being treble or bass focused
  • Shift: Subtle high-mid control of effect



Tremble and Quake act as twin toggle switches which directs the exaggeration of diode switching.

  • Tremble: Silicon diode sits in the left position while the germanium diode rests in the right position. In the middle position, the diode switch acts as a boost.
  • Quake: Acts as a magnification of the “ Tremble” functions to push the pedal to its capabilities’ apogee.
  • Mass: To the left gives a mid/bass boost as to the right will be more treble focused.
  • Evolve: Switching the left position, the gain cuts slightly through the sinews of your tone giving you a gated drive. You will experience a sag effect with it focused on silicon or germanium diodes but with both or either “Tremble” an and “Quake” positioned in the middle, you will experience the stone crushing drive that we push to offer. In the right position, you will experience a more tonal focused drive but will still have the capabilities of creating a massive sound.

Battery/adapter not included with the pedal.