Darkglass 4x10 Bass Cabinet

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The Darkglass DG410NE bass cabinet is designed to complement the bass-centric company’s line of pedals and amp heads, but it can turn any amp head into a total powerhouse. Stocked with four 10" custom-designed neodymium drivers from renowned speaker builder Eminence, the DG410NE balances its massive sound with a lightweight design that gigging musicians are sure to love. Toneheads at Sweetwater are nuts about Darkglass products, and the DG410NE is no different. It is capable of reproducing stunningly detailed clean tones and brutal distortion that somehow manages to let your articulations shine through—something bass players appreciate. Whether you’ve got a pedalboard stacked with Darkglass effects or you’re looking for a world-class cabinet to complete your rig, the DG410NE might be the perfect choice for you!

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