Couch Straps White w/ Orange Racer X

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This guitar strap has a timeless classic vintage look to it. It is very mod and reminds us of Speed Racer and Racer X. The basic design is based on the Ernie Ball type of guitar strap that dates way back to the 60's.

Every attention to detail is taken to recreate the color-schemes of the classic Mid-Century Modern vintage vibe here: white with bright orange stripe, black stitching and a brown back with white stitching on the back side. For the price, this strap is an absolute steal in uniqueness, quality, and thoughtful design. Couple this with sweatshop free production and cruelty free materials for a great looking good karma guitar strap.

Couch, made in USA, Cruelty Free, vegan, sweatshop free and worn by the best musicians in the world.

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