Couch Straps Southwestern Salmon Native American Print

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Couch wanted to re-interpret this Native American inspired guitar strap with a Southwestern color palette.  Like the original black and white version, the design of this Native American Art guitar strap has a cool graphic print. This time though, Couch added subtle earth toned colors of America's Southwestern Painted Desert: light salmon vinyl with Navajo-inspired geometric turquoise print, stitched in yellow, backed with dark brown and orange stitching, and finished with a light buckskin beige end tab.

Couch tried to represent the amazing Native American culture and people as authentically and tastefully as possible, as they are the true founding fathers of this great land. They like to imagine this southwestern, Native-American-inspired guitar strap as a small and respectful homage a wonderful history and culture. This is a highly limited edition, artist series strap.

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