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Review CooperFX ARCADES with Pastiche Card

CooperFX ARCADES with Pastiche Card

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Arcades can be (almost) any type of pedal you want. It is a versatile ever expanding multi effect platform, but what makes it unique is that it determines what type of effect it is based on the card that is inserted into the pedal. Much like  certain retro video game consoles, the Arcades will allow the user to swap cards to select the experience they want. Instead of a video game however, the change of a card will result in a different bank of eight effects.

This bundle includes the Cooper FX Pastiche card. Simply plug it in, and you'll have access to eight tone-warping "best of" effects from the various Arcades cards available: Digitl, Revrse, Analog, Tape, Grains, Pitch, Multi and Enhold.

8 Pastiche Effects

  • 1. Pitch – Modelled after the arpeggiator modes on the Digitech XP-300. This is what happens when you put a pitch shifter in the feedback loop of a delay.
  • 2. Multi – A reverb is made of multiple delay 'taps'. This reverb allows you to isolate the taps and manipulate them in various ways.
  • 3. Vinyl – Fun emulation of old dusty and warped vinyls - you know the sound!
  • 4. Arp – A two-step arpeggiator with plenty of parameters.
  • 5. VHSDLY – A VHS-inspired delay.
  • 6. Mono – A classic aggressive mono synth sound. Like on lots of old synths, you can adjust the amount of drift, or detuning between two oscillators.
  • 7. Revrse – Standard reverse delay with some fun add-ons.
  • 8. Timest – Granular time stretching, or manipulating playback speed but not pitch with forward reverse, and random playback.