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Review Catalinbread Topanga® (classic spring reverb)

Catalinbread Topanga® (classic spring reverb)

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Catalinbread Topanga® (classic spring reverb)

Running the Topanga is pretty straightforward. Plug it in, twist some knobs, and go!

Dwell controls the intensity of the reverb - how hard the “springs” are being driven.

Tone controls the tone of the reverb only. Your dry signal is conditioned only by the discrete preamp. Tone ranges from full bright to a really warm reverb tone.

Mix goes from full dry to full wet. So you can use it in a wet/dry rig or you can use the preamp without the reverb for a great boost / tone enhancer.

Volume goes from slightly below unity gain all the way up to a nice healthy, punchy clean boost from the all-discrete preamp!