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Catalinbread Giygas Fuzz

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Catalinbread Giygas Fuzz/EQ
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A fantastic fuzz with total tonal control!

The Giygas runs the gamut of fuzzy tones, from slight to fright. The five control knobs on the face of the pedal make it incredibly easy to sculpt the sound you want. The Loud knob affects volume. The EQ knob is a detented control. The detent is set to 900Hz. Turning up the EQ knob gives you more above 900Hz and turning it down gives you more below 900Hz. Simple and effective! The Mids control also has a detent and gives you a boost or cut at 900Hz for helping you bring your tone forward or backward in the mix. The Blend control is super useful in that it allows you to blend your dry signal and the wet, fuzzy signal. Create a balance with the Loud control, and you're ready to rock!
The Giygas also has an internal switch that allows you to move the EQ and Mids center point. This allows you to better tailor the pedal to work with bass as opposed to guitar. There is also a 40Hz trimpot which can thicken up those low bass tones for a rumbly growl!