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Review Caroline Somersault Vibrato/Chorus

Caroline Somersault Vibrato/Chorus

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Caroline Somersault Vibrato/Chorus
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The Somersault delivers fantastic chorus and vibrato tones for your guitar. With a number of controls, it's easy to dial in a wide range of different effects and sounds.

The top left knob is a Mix control, which allows you to move from a dry signal to a full wet signal. The top right knob controls the Offset, which controls the delay of the modulated signal. The Depth controls how aggressive the effect moves up and down. The Speed control is for moving from slow swirls to fast, choppy turns. The two toggle switches allow you to choose between triangle and square waves, or move your tone into Lo-Fi territory. The Havoc switch pushes the pedal into oscillating madness and gives you extra noise when needed.