Bogner La Grange Overdrive Boost

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It's like the Swiss Army knife of overdrive pedals! With fantastic sounds from a gritty clean to a face-melting, saturated distortion, this pedal sounds incredible! 

Tons of options to shape your sound are featured on this pedal. The Master controls consist of Volume, Tone, Channel Blend, and Gain controls. The Boost function has its own knob and footswitch for adding more gain and volume to your sound. Four different switches gives you multiple possibilities of tone-shaping. There is a 3 position gain switch, from low to medium to high gain. A Variac mode, which gives you a "brown sound". A 2 position switch for brightness. The structure switch gives you three options for changing the feel, from loose to tight. 

This pedal is operated via a 9-volt battery or 9-volt adapter(battery/adapter not included). 

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