Beetronics Limited Edition “America” Royal Jelly Overdrive/Fuzz Blender

Article number: ROYALJELLY-AM
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This is a special edition of Beetronics Royal Jelly, limited to only 20 units!


Plenty of tonal options ooze from the Royal Jelly from Beetronics! Two separate channels, Queen and King, with overdrive/fuzz control for each channel. The EQ on this pedal gives you 10db of boost or cut for tailoring in your perfect sound. You can easily switch between the two channels, and you can even mix in some of your dry signal for further tweaking. If you want to switch between two distinct overdrive/fuzz tones, or are just looking for a slight boost and full on fuzz sound, this pedal delivers. This pedal is built solid and can take whatever you throw at it!

This pedal does not include a battery or adapter.

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