Apparat / LP5 (Pink Vinyl) [Indie Exclusive]

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delicate and hymnic idm with an orchestral flourish. Mute Records has been a hotbed of electronic experimentation since its inception, and Apparat is a worthy heir of this legacy. He is known as half of the arena-filling microhouse duo Moderat, but his solo work is more restrained. In his words, "I don’t have to write big pop hymns here; I can just immerse myself in the details and the structures." This attention to detail is apparent in these mesmerizing, improvised compositions, which feature an endless array of instrumentation. Mixer Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Interpol, Grizzly Bear) helps wrangle these elements into place, making space for the fragile, yearning vocals amongst clicks, clacks, brass, and string. This record arrives pressed on clear pink vinyl and features a sleeve with spot-gloss accents. 

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