Animals Pedals Sunday Afternoon Bender - ToneBender-inspired Silicon-based Fuzz

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Animals Pedal Sunday Afternoon Is Infinity Bender

Designed by Wren and Cuff, which reproduces many vintage tones and produces world-renowned fuzz pedals, the tone vendor's sound is recreated.

Sunday Afternoon Is Infinity Bender brings back the fuzz sound of the mid-1960s, which had a huge impact on many fuzz pedals.

There is a center of gravity near low to mid, thick and warm fuzz tone.
It is even heavier than the Fuzz Face, And The Edge is higher if the fuzz is raised.
It is exactly a tone vendor-like feature.

The SMOOTH knob adjusts the fluffiness, smoothness and tone balance of the fuzz.

When combined with a clean amp, the FUZZ will produce a“fuzz-like”tone when set high.
When combined with a tube amplifier, let FUZZ start around 12 o'clock and make a sound.

You can also lower the FUZZ and front the pickup to create an intensely warm, soft tone.


● Control
VOL:adjust the overall volume.
FUZZ:adjusts the strength of the distortion.
SMOOTH:adjust the tone balance,warmth and edge.

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