Animals Pedals I Was A Wolf British High-Gain Amp-Inspired Distortion

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The I WAS A WOLF IN THE FOREST DISTORTION is a classic distortion pedal for all rock guitarists.

A large black amplifier that has a great presence on stage. You can create the thick, warm and edgy distortion sound of a British stack amp with a separate amp head and cabinet.

Many distortion pedals may always have a strong distortion once turned on, but I WAS A WOLF IN THE FOREST DISTORTION sets the DRIVE knob low, resulting in a crisp distortion with a light crunch. You can create a variety of distortions, from creamy overdrive tones to crunchy classic distortion.

You can also use the Volume knob on the guitar to adjust the strength of the distortion, giving you the power, control, and tone of a real vacuum tube stack amp.

It is equipped with a VOL control that adjusts the overall volume, a DRIVE control that adjusts the strength of distortion, and a TONE control that controls the brightness of the sound, especially in the high range.
The foot switch is true bypass. It is driven by a 9V battery or a standard center minus DC9V adapter.

Designed by surf art painter Jonas Cleasson, who works in Australia.



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