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Review Animals Pedals Relaxing Walrus Delay

Animals Pedals Relaxing Walrus Delay

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Animals Pedals Relaxing Walrus Delay Pedal
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RELAXING WALRUS DELAY is a standard and easy-to-use delay effect that is indispensable for adding “wonder” to guitar play.

The simple control knobs of Blend, Time and Repeat are necessary and sufficient, and you can do the necessary setting without hesitation.
The delay time is as wide as 1 to 500ms and covers from doubling to short delay, medium and long delay.

The delay tone of RELAXING WALRUS DELAY is close to a vintage analog delay, and at the same time has the clarity of a digital delay. By setting the Blend knob, you can set the tone of the delay to a natural reverberation that melts and mixes with the original sound, or conversely makes the tone that is finished with an exquisite balance.
With self-oscillation just like an analog delay, it can cover a wide variety of applications, from a delay that is always on to a delay as a transcendent projectile.