Anasounds Sliver

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The Sliver is a gorgeous sounding tremolo. This pedal gives you a ton of control over the tremolo effect. The Out knob gives you up to +6dB of output without additional saturation. The Depth knob controls the intensity of the tremolo effect. The Rate speeds up and slows down the effect. The Subdivision knob has four selections for dividing the tremolo signal. You can choose from half time to quarter note, eighth note, and triplet timing. The LFO toggle in the middle of the knobs changes the waveform of the tremolo signal.

The Sliver also has internal controls to further dial in various tones. A Bias trimpot saturate your modulated signal. The Gain trimpot pushes the signal into distortion territory. There is also a Tap switch, which allows you to either connect to the Anasounds Spinner expression pedal or to a more traditional tap tempo style controller.

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